Fanning the flames


One of the things Dana Rohrabacher does deliciously well is fan the flames of white anger and resentment.

Or, put different, he never misses an opportunity to make minority and immigrant groups feel like crap while defending what he clearly sees as the rapidly eroding rights of whites.

Think this is hyperbole? Let’s go back to 1991, when the above article appeared in the Los Angeles Times. Now, if you think Donald Trump’s willingness to take a story—then present it with the tints of lies and exaggerations—is a new phenomenon, think again. Back in 1991, Rohrabacher accused UC San Diego of bias in its efforts to increase its percentage of Latino and African-American students. His research included, well … um, very little. It seems like he either read and article or, more likely, had an assistant write a letter, then sign Rohrabacher’s name.

Either way, his complaint against the university was disregarded as nonsense, and allowed to vanish into the abyss.

It was hardly an isolated occasion of Rohrabacher standing up for the poor whites of the world.

• In 1994, Rohrabacher fought to deny earthquake relief to illegal immigrants—pain and suffering be damned …


• In 1992, Rohrabacher said it takes courage to be labeled a racist in his ugly fight against immigrants.


• In 2010, Rohrabacher—in the words of OC Weekly—”referred to the DREAM Act on the House floor as the ‘Affirmative Action Amnesty Act,’ a not-so-coded reference to the affirmative-action wars of the 1980s and 1990s, when (mostly) Republicans played up the fears of white people that minorities (then, painted as African-Americans) were taking the slots of much-more-qualified ‘Americans’ due to race.”


• In 2013, Rohrabacher threatened to have an 18-year-old DREAMer named Jessica Bravo deported—as she was trying to ask him a question in a civil setting.


It goes on. And on. And on.

Be ashamed, Orange County.

Be very ashamed.

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