Dana has time to meet with a man wanted for treason in the Ukraine (but not us)

Andrii’s American visit: Empire State Building, Hamilton, congressman nobody gets to see.

Andrii Artemenko is one of the greatest names the world has ever seen. First, it rolls of the tongue like a layup. Second, two capitals As and a double i. Third, it’s versatile. I can picture Andrii Artemenko running the boardroom at IBM. I can picture Andrii Artemenko draining threes for the Denver Nuggets. It works 100 different ways.

In this particular case, however, Andrii Artemenko is a member of Ukraine’s Parliament who is being investigated for treason by working with two associates of Donald Trump’s to promote a plan for settling his nation’s conflicts with Russia.

I don’t know if Artemenko is a bad guy or a bad guy, but he’s definitely a sketchy guy who has become persona non grata in his homeland. In January—pre-Trump inauguration—he traveled to New York to reveal his peace plan (aka: Give Russia whatever it wants) to Felix Sater, a Russian-American business associate of Trump. The relayed information was then brought to the White House earlier this month.

Wait. By now you’re starting to fall asleep. So let me get to the meat here. We, as Americans, still don’t understand the depths of Trump’s inexplicable fascination with Russia and Vladimir Putin—but there is, clearly, something fishy there. And Artemenko is as fishy as fishy goes. And he’s someone the vast majority of American political figures would wisely avoid, because, well, Russia is our enemy and Putin is a strongman, and … and … and …

Dana Rohrabacher—the biggest non-Trump defender of Russian might—met with him.


Don’t take my word for it. Take Artemenko’s. It’s right here, in a February Facebook entry …




Now, there are about 100 things wrong with this. Why is Dana cooperating with Artemenko? Why is Dana so insistent that Russia is actually a Hawaii-like land with happy smiles and coconuts? Why is Dana so wed to the words and actions of Donald Trump? Has Mandy Moore’s career truly revived?

Wait, scratch the last one.

My biggest question, as a constituent, is this: Why do you have so much time to meet with—of all the thugs—Andrii Artemenko, yet the people you actually represent can’t even get a sniff of a town hall?

I’d like an answer.

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