Even Chris Christie gets it

George (The Animal) Steele is deceased. Dana Rohrabacher is alive. Constituents have equal odds of meeting with both men.

Save for the fact that we both attended the University of Delaware, Chris Christie and I don’t have much in common.

The New Jersey governor is A) Overly bombastic; B) Prone to ridiculing others; C) Corrupt; D) Conservative.

But for all his weaknesses, Chris Christie has never been a coward. He stands before crowds, says what he has to say, speaks his mind. It doesn’t always go well, but it goes. And for that, if nothing else, he deserves a modicum of respect.

Earlier today, the Washington Post featured a story on Christie calling out Republican politicians who refuse to face their critical constituents. His money words, spoken on CNN’s State of the Union: “I understand why members of Congress don’t like it. But you know what? You asked for the job. Go do it.

“Welcome to the real world of responsibility. The fact is that, right now, the heat is on the Republicans. It’s on us. … We now have two-thirds of the statehouses in America. We have the House. We have the Senate. We have the White House. It’s now on us to produce results. And one of the things that we need to do is engage with the public.”

Now, I was about to type, “Somewhere, Dana Rohrabacher is listening.” But, truly, I doubt that. In more likelihood, somewhere Dana Rohrabacher is pretending to be an avid surfer. Or, somewhere, Dana Rohrabacher is wooing people who can donate lots of money. Or, somewhere Dana Rohrabacher is practicing his Russian.

Because a coward like Dana Rohrabacher doesn’t listen.

He cowers.

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