I am not really feeling Boyd Roberts

Boyd Roberts

So a couple of days ago the Orange County Register ran a piece about a man named Boyd Roberts, who has already announced his plan to run against Dana Rohrabacher in 2018.

I am not feeling it.

Now, to be clear, I have never met Boyd Roberts, and I have nothing—absolutely nothing—bad to say about him. According to the Register article, he’s a 57-year-old real estate broker who moved to Laguna Beach from the Inland Empire a year ago. He told the newspaper, “I am running to impeach our president.”

A few thoughts …

• 1. Through the years I (Jeff Pearlman) have occasionally toyed with the idea of running for different seats, different gigs, etc. But having only lived in Southern California for 2 1/2 years, it’s a stretch for me to seriously compete for a position. Roberts has been here a year. One year. That’s an enormous liability, especially against a veteran like ol’ Dana.

• 2. I loathe the quote “I am running to impeach our president.” Loathe. Back in the day, when I lived in user-liberal New Rochelle, N.Y., that sort of line might have worked. But here, in Orange County, you can’t win without a whole lot of crossover voting. The numbers just aren’t there. And while I’m hoping Trump’s approval rating is in the high-20s/lows-30s by late 2017, not enough people here will be inspired by a primary message of “Trump sucks—vote for me and I’ll impeach him!”

Nope, this has to be about Dana Rohrabacher, and the fraud he’s been for myriad decades. Someone needs to take a baseball bat to the image of ol’ Dana, lovable surfer. Someone needs to run—hard—on his scandals, his inane statements, his lack of judgement. Yes, tie him to Trump repeatedly. But, it seems, Democratic candidates have too often tried to show they’re terrific, as opposed to showing—first and foremost—that, well, he’s a fraud stuffed with awfulness.

• 3. I don’t know whether this person exists. I really don’t. But I’d love to see a fearless man or woman in his/her late-30s or early-to-mid 40s; someone who is a product of Orange County; someone who speaks passionately and has enough crossover mojo to pick off moderate Republicans.

Does this mean Boyd Roberts wouldn’t be a worthy opponent? Not at all.

Just, right now, I’m not inspired.

1 thought on “I am not really feeling Boyd Roberts”

  1. Mr. Pearlman, I implore you to run! It doesn’t matter that you haven’t lived here that long, people need an intelligent, articulate person to run against DR with a strong mandate. I will help you run your campaign! I agree with you on this guy, he sounds a bit fishy to me.
    Please consider running! I think you would give DR a strong run for his money.


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