Why people don’t trust politicians, and why you shouldn’t trust Dana Rohrabacher

Dana: Anxious to speak to people … who agree with him.

There’s a reason most people don’t trust politicians, and it’s this: Too often they’re full of shit.

I know that’s a bit cliched and a bit blunt, but it’s also true. I’ve met many political figures in my life, and while several have been genuinely decent, the vast majority are always:

A. Trying to hit you up for money.

B. Trying to hit you up for money without making it seem like they’re hitting you up for money.

C. Pretending to be listening and interested in your concerns.

D. Not really interested in your concerns.

E. All about maintaining power.

Again, there are some exceptions. A few here and there. Mostly, though, you’re best advised to listen to an elected official with your BS detector turned high. Because behind the words are often lies.

Take, for example, the namesake of this website, Dana Rohrabacher.

If you live in the 48th district in Southern California, or you’re a political junkie from elsewhere, you’ve probably heard that Rohrabacher is catching a good amount of hear for refusing to hold a town hall for his constituents. He knows (correctly) that lots of people are unhappy right now, and that he’d likely face boos and hisses and pointed questions. For the longtime Republican officeholder, the options aren’t particularly appealing. So, sadly, he decided to hide and hope to outlast the anger.

And yet …

Out of the blue, one day last week Rohrabacher posted on Facebook that he “spent the afternoon meeting with constituents in my office covering issues from healthcare to energy technology to water issues.” Here, take a gander …


This came as a shock to a whole bunch of people, because they’d been clamoring for a session with their congressman, and they kept getting ignored and rebuffed and turned away … and, lo and behold, he had a meeting.

This was surprising.

This was encouraging.

This was … typical political bullshit.

Rohrabacher’s “meeting with constituents” was held at a donor’s house, and involved a discussion on airport noise. There was no legitimate sit-down. There was no effort to let people express their legitimate concerns. This was, simply, a nonsense way for a coward elected official to say “Hey, I met with my constituents” without truly meeting with his constituents (in the way it’s implied).

The big airport noise meeting.

Truly, this is the stuff that drives me to drink, and this is why I started this site.

I can deal with ineptitude.

I can deal with disagreement on issues.

I can deal with Republican, Democrat, independent.

I cannot deal with frauds.

And we are represented by a fraud.

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