Dana loves the (dirty) water

Here’s to you, President Trump!

Dana Rohrabacher loves the water.

That seems irrefutable, considering the number of times he’s evoked surfing through the years. You see, Dana is a surfer. A cool surfer. A cool dude who surfs. Hang ten! Catch waves! He even has this box on his website, just to remind you that, hey, Dana’s a surfer who loves surfing even when he’s not surfing …


I digress.

For all his loving of surfing, and the water, Dana Rohrabacher has done squat to protect it. And, by “squat,” I really mean “shit.” He’s done shit. Hell, take a look at his record as a protector of the environment, and it does not exist. Literally—it does not exist. He’s voted repeatedly for eliminating protections; for limiting the impact of scientific discovery in regards to the climate; for making our water dirtier, or air filthier.

And, to be clear, this isn’t merely the biased perspective of crazydana.com. You can look this all up: If you’re a fan of breathing and drinking, well, Dana Rohrabacher probably isn’t your guy.

Anyhow, the New York Times reported today that Donald Trump is about to go hardcore after the environment, and environmental protections. He’s reducing the EPA budget, his EPA head doesn’t believe in climate change, etc … etc. And, truly, I see this as test No. 654,433 for Dana to show us, the people of California’s beautiful 48th district, that he’s actually decent. Will he speak up? Stand up? Take a stand? Fight to protect the richness of California’s beaches, air, forests, etc?

Or will he cower, as always?

Hmm …

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