Dana Trump

Dana at the Wholesome Choice opening in Laguna Niguel in 2014. It was also the last time he’s been seen in public.

Tonight, following the first-ever Donald Trump speech where the president sounded somewhat like a man with a human head, Dana Rohrabacher Tweeted the following:


I think this is important to note, because as Trump’s popularity inevitably declines and plummets (nationally, but especially here in Southern California), we—the opposition—need to remind people that ol’ Dana has been with Trump from the very beginning. He backed Trump’s preposterous immigration ban. He backed Trump’s ill-begotten military action in Yemen. He backed Trump’s dismissal of all environmental regulations, his shedding of financial regulations, his plan to spend $40 billion on a wall, his tax dedications for the insanely wealthy.

In the 2018 election, a wise opposition candidate will tether Rohrabacher to Trump, and Trump to Rodrabacher.

How to do that? Start taking notes—now.

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