We have been blocked by @danarohrabacher

Dana meeting with real constituents … in 2014.

I live in Dana Rohrabacher’s district.

I started this website as a platform both to express my views on the area and our representative, and to bring awareness to the man and his unwillingness to properly govern.

Tonight, @Danarohrabacher blocked @crazydana48 on Twitter.

Think about that. The same coward who refuses to engage his critics has muted someone with genuine concerns. It is the height of scared non-leadership; the very definition of a man who exists not to guide and assist, but to profit and survive.

Of course, I can still see Dana’s weak Tweets, and tonight brought forth this absolute gem …


In case you haven’t been paying attention, this is what Dana does these days. In the face of never-ending criticism over his refusal to hold a town hall, our representative offers proof that (really!) he’s meeting folks. Like, um, these five women. And, uh, donors. And … eh … um … ah … did I mention Dana loves surfing?


PS: Do me a favor and make sure Dana sees the blog posts.

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