If you live long enough, you find that very little done in the world of politics surprises you.

I mean, yes, Donald Trump’s repeated bouts of callous inanity are staggering. But if you’ve seen Iran-Contra and Monica Lewinsky and the fake 9.11 intelligence and Anita Hill-Clarence Thomas and John Edwards and Anthony Weiner and Richard Nixon and … and … and …

Again, little surprises you.

Yesterday, however, I was surprised. A crazydana follower forwarded me the Twitter exchange featured above. I saw it, and initially presumed it to be fake. Then I looked again. And again. And again. Indeed, @thelittlefella Tweeted the image to Dana Rohrabacher. Indeed, @danarohrabacher responded.

To be blunt, if you see Dana Rohrabacher’s reply and find yourself anything less than horrified, well, something deranged lives within your soul. The image of a lifeless Alan Kurdi (the 3-year-old Syrian refugee) washed up on a beach is chilling whether you’re viewing it for the first time or the 100,000th time. It speaks of carnage, of indifference, of helplessness, of death. It speaks of wasted life, of short existence, of a confrontation gone terribly wrong. It ranks alongside this as the most powerful single image of my lifetime. Even if you’re powerless to help, it has to stir something.

Dana Rohrabacher was clearly not stirred. His reply—”guess U LA folks just don’t think the way we do in OC”—is … what? Honestly, I can’t even come up with the words. I’ve lived in Orange County for 2 1/2 years, and while many friends and neighbors don’t share my political beliefs, I know of no one who would see Kurdi and think, “Meh.”

But that’s Rohrabacher. Time after time, he has shown himself to be a selfish mule of the first degree.

Whoever runs against him in 2018 needs to repeat the words “guess U LA folks just don’t think the way we do in OC” over and over and over again.

They don’t merely speak to a bad politician.

They speak to a bad human.

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