Standing up for righteousness

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I’m going to write something, and it’ll likely piss off a whole bunch of my liberal readers. Ok, here I go …

When Bill Clinton was impeached, he got exactly what he deserved.

I know … I know. It was a Republican witch hunt! That damn Newt Gingrich! That damn Kenneth Starr! That damn Linda Tripp! That damn …


Come day’s end, Bill Clinton had sex with a 22-year-old White House intern, then lied about it under oath. No matter what the GOP motives were, Clinton put himself in that position. It was his fault, and the repercussions have been felt for years (Al Gore was scared to run on the Clinton record in 2000; Hillary could only say so much about Trump’s womanizing in 2016, etc …)

So, when Democrats whine about the treatment Bill Clinton received, I generally grimace. He deserved to be called out, and those in his party who did so were acting as responsible representatives, not party betrayers.

Which leads me to, well, this week.

A few days ago, Donald Trump lied and said Barack Obama wiretapped him. Again, this isn’t a confusion, a misunderstanding, a fair mistake. No, it was a lie. The sitting president of the United States created a false narrative about his predecessor, then expressed it as fact. At the least, it was pathetic. At the worst (and, I believe, it is the worst), it’s sinful, shameful and unbecoming of a president.

In other words, it’s time for Republicans to speak up and speak out; not along party lines, but on the principles of decency, of truth, of respect for the bedrocks of our nation. Some—like Marco Rubio and John McCain—have.

Others, like (cough, cough) Dana Rohrabacher, have not.

And never will.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on our representative, and one thing Dana never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever does is speak on behalf of genuine righteousness. He is a shameless opportunist, always on the lookout for the next donation, the next headline, the next opportunity. He would never (like, never never never ever) rant against Donald Trump, because that would hurt the Dana Rohrabacher brand. It would suggest his advocacy of the 45th president were a lapse in judgement, and Dana Rohrabacher doesn’t do lapses in judgement.

He also doesn’t take stands.

Or seek out the truth.

Or care about decency and compassion.

But he’ll happily accept your donation.

Cash, please.

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