Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 11.20.58 AM
Dana with the Ronald Reagan statue. We encourage the congressman to propose building a Putin one, too.

It looks increasingly likely that whoever runs against Dana Rohrabacher in 2018 will be presented with the all-time greatest gift: Russia.

Wait. Not merely Russia, but the two piercing facts that:

A. Russia went out of its way to influence our last presidential election.

B. Dana Rohrabacher refuses to say anything bad about Russia or Vladimir Putin.

It’s truly baffling. Imagine, for example, had a foreign government conspired to hand the election to Hillary Clinton. Let’s say it had been Cuba. Or Mexico. Or Iran. We all know—with 100-percent certainty—Rohrabacher and his GOP colleagues would be going crazy, calling for sanctions, demanding retribution. And they would be correct in doing so. There are things you mess with and things you don’t mess with. The American election? Not something you mess with.

But, alas, Dana continues to lavish praise upon Russia and to drum up excuses, explanations, justifications. Here, take a look at this piece from the Los Angeles Times. Or how about this gem from the conservative-leaning Independent Journal Review. Seriously, Dana cannot get himself to say anything negative about Russia. Which is weird, odd, baffling, confusing …

And a friggin’ King Kong-sized gift.

For now, dear Democrats and independents and sensible Republicans, let Dana lather in this one. Let him stand by Donald Trump, let him defend Putin, let him tell us why we’re wrong about Russia. Let him get as much of this on YouTube, on local television, on conservative radio. Just … let … him … keep … talking … about … Russia … love.

Then drop the hammer when we need it.

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