Dana, you have three children

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Dear Dana:

You have three children. Their names are Annika, Christian and Tristen, and your wife Rhonda delivered them in 2004.

I am reminding you of this because it’s time your start governing more as a parent and less as a paid-off stooge for the largest bidder. Specifically, I am referring to climate change, and your repeated votes against it, and words denying it. You are what many would call a um … eh … fool. Yes, fool. Or, even worse, an ignoramus. But here’s the thing: Being foolish and being ignorant are pardonable sins. I, for example, am ignorant when it comes to trigonometry, Korean baseball and the TV catalogue of Larry Wilcox. That does not make me an awful human being, merely a selectively ignorant one.

However, the adjectives shift when I begin to argue that trigonometry causes brain cancer, Korean baseball is better than beer and Larry Wilcox has been robbed of multiple Academy Awards. See, when one makes points that he is completely unqualified to make, he turns into a fool.

Which leads me back to climate change—and you. Despite a vast majority of scientists and climate experts insisting humanity plays a major role in the destructive heating of earth, you continue to insist it is not true, and vote in favor of every imaginable pollutant. In short, you vote as if you have no children.

But I ask this one, Dana: What if you’re wrong? What if the planet is heating? What if the damage will be catastrophic? What if future generations are, truly, fucked?

What then?

What will Annika, Christian and Tristen say of you then?


Jeff Pearlman

1 thought on “Dana, you have three children”

  1. I sent a similarly worded email to his office recently, specifically asking him what he considers the consequences to be if he is wrong and the scientific community is right. As expected, never received a response.


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