Dana Rohrabacher votes as a homophobe. We must use this.

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 9.32.58 PM
Dana loves the weed, but not so much the gays.

In his recent commercial introducing himself to the people of California’s 48th District, Harley Rouda begins by addressing Dana Rohrabacher and his take on the upheaval in Macedonia. And while the political unrest is definitely troubling, it is not something most Americans are aware of, or thinking about.

I bring this up not to rip Harley, but to make a point I think is important as the 2018 election approaches: To beat Rohrabacher, we have to make certain to hit the congressman where it counts.

Does Macedonia matter in the world? Yes. In the 48th? Eh, no.

So we must look over his long and ugly record and pick the issues that can most hurt him. Exhibit 1A: Gay rights.

In 2017, the vast majority of Americans—Republicans and Democrats—support both gay marriage and gay adoption. The numbers aren’t ambiguous. Especially in California, where up and down the state folks of all stripes generally back full equality for the LGBT movement.

On this issue Rohrabacher isn’t merely off—he’s disgustingly off. He votes yes for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. He also voted yes on banning gay adoptions. Think about that: Two men or two women want to adopt a child out of foster care. They want to give that child a home. Love. Protection. But, to Dana, that’s wrong, and should not be allowed. Let the kid bounce from home to home. Just don’t put him in with the gays …

Maybe I’m naive, but that’s one hell of an issue to use in 2018.

Rohrabacher scored a 13 percent on the ACLU’s civil rights voting standard measure. Furthermore, the Human Rights Campaign scored him a 0 percent (yes, zero) on support for LGBT rights. Hell, he’d get five percent just for saying he knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy who sorta enjoyed “Brokeback Mountain.”

By now, most people either at least have a gay friend, a gay relative, a gay co-worker. The world Dana Rohrabacher sees no longer really exists, and what was once viewed as acceptable (voting against gay rights) is now rightly considered mean, ugly, ungodly.

So let’s take the ol’ Louisville Slugger to the image of wacky Grandpa Dana the Surf Dude, and show what a hateful, vindictive homophobe looks like.

It ain’t pretty.

1 thought on “Dana Rohrabacher votes as a homophobe. We must use this.”

  1. Absolutely! Getting this out to our neighbors is KEY to getting him out! He is also one of the only senators who votes NO on bills presented to end Horse Slaughter for Human Consumption. Dana votes NO every time we try to pass a bill in Congress to stop shipping America’s horses (healthy, yearlings, former race horses and even sick horses) to Mexico/Canada to slaughter for human consumption. Over 250,000 US horses were shipped just to Mexico alone last year. They are bought at auctions, from the Bureau of Land Management (which are supposedly federally PROTECTED horses which belong to the citizens of this country on PUBLIC lands). I challenge you to go to your grocery store and look at the beef, ground meat, etc. for any label that simply says “Product of USA”. What you will find is shocking! “Product of USA/Mexico/Canada” is what you will find on most all beef and ground meat products. Horses are given hundreds of vaccinations and medications during their lifetime (even wild horses are darted in the wild before being captured). There is currently no FDA testing for equine meat (horses and donkeys) because they are not considered “food animals”. That means OUR families are eating tainted, toxic horse meat every single day. Fast food for lunch or dinner? Hope you know where their beef comes from because most likely its from Mexico. But Dana thinks nothing of it. He cares nothing for the safety of our families or the families of his constituents. His ratings on Animal Welfare bills is HORRENDOUS. He needs to be fired, impeached, whatever – AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!


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