Crazy Dana’s $1 million plan

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 2.24.07 PM
Sir with the mic, do you have $1 million? We’ll let you in …

Back when I started, a few people questioned the name.

“Why ‘crazy’?” was the general inquiry. “Doesn’t that imply something about the man that’s not true?”

To this, I’d reply, “Just watch.”

Just watch.

In case you missed this dandy, a few days ago our esteemed congressman met with the president to offer an idea. See, Rohrabacher apparently told him, the border wall you aspire to build will cost $50 billion. So why don’t we change our country’s visa policy and charge 50,000 wealthy foreigners $1 million each to become citizens?

There are about 8,000 things I love about this plan, but here are the key factors:

• 1. Dana Rohrabacher presented it with a straight face.

• 2. Um … wasn’t Mexico paying?

• 3. As it stands, right now the United States has a program that grants 50,000 visas to people largely from Eastern Europe and the different African nations. In order to be accepted, an applicant must possess a high school diploma, and also hail from a nation few American emigrants come from. If Rohrabacher’s nutty plan were ever to become law, we’d replace that on a system based solely upon … wealth. Meaning the nation that has historically embraced those in need will start embracing people who, financially, need little. Think about the warped mind that proposes such a thing. Think about it.

• 4. The whole plan means that Rohrabacher takes Trump’s border wall seriously. Like, he thinks we need it and it’s great and … sigh.

• 5. According to Rohrabacher, Trump “loved” the idea, and even called Steve Bannon and Reince Priebus into the room to listen. Now, I don’t consider the president to be an even remotely intelligent man. That being said, odds are 70/30 he summoned Bannon and Priebus, via a text reading, “You have to hear this shit. Dude’s cra-cra.”

Indeed. Maybe cra-cradana should’ve been the url.

1 thought on “Crazy Dana’s $1 million plan”

  1. Not surprised. The big gap is why the Dems can’t get their acts together to get somebody serious, and fund she/he to get rid of this wacko in 2018. Surely we aren’t blind to the fool we have in Congress, ya think?


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