The man’s in trouble

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 12.14.33 AM
Dana meeting with some Amsterdam officials to talk marijuana. Come 2018 he’ll have free time to spark one up.

In case you missed this, the Los Angeles Times reports that the Democratic Party is about to focus some serious energy on Orange County races—including our looming District 48 clash against Dana Rohrabacher.

This is terrific news.

However … it does not mean we should rest. Or feel a level of relaxation. Or take a chill. Or, for that matter, let the Democratic Party steal any of Indivisble’s oomph or swag or mojo. What has happened around here in the months since Donald Trump’s election has been nothing short of dazzling. At the same time Rohrabacher cowers and hides and defends Russia and bashes us as “agitators,” we gain and gain and gain momentum. It feels real and it feels organic, and it shows the power people can have when they’re angry and fed up.

I don’t know much, but I know Dana Rohrabacher and his staffers have never been this scared. Their survival is on the line for the first time in decades. That’s sweet.

Anyhow, a few quick thoughts on the movement:

• 1. Right now, I feel like we have two legit contenders to take on Rohrabacher. There’s Harley Rouda, who has been in the race quite a while and seems well-funded; and there’s Laura Oatman, who just entered. I have yet to meet Laura, but we’ve DMed. Harley and I had breakfast. They’re clearly smart, polished, successful people.

• 2. Stuff like this just doesn’t fly. We can’t be amateurish, silly, goofy. We need to bring it—hard.

• 3. Katie Porter is planning to run against Mimi Walters, and I’m psyched. Again, these are not fringe candidates. The party is not scraping the bottom for folks to be inevitably destroyed. This is legit.

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