With Dana Rohrabacher, past is prologue

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When it comes to Dana Rohrabacher, there are two things that serve as an opponent’s best friend:

  1. Video of him talking about pretty much anything.
  2. Newspaper archives.

I happen to be a print junkie, so archives are my thing. And digging through Dana’s past is like a romp through a room colored with marker, chalk, feces and the moist residue of old tuna. It’s really funky.

Today, I bring you an article from the April 4, 1969 Long Beach Independent. At the time Rohrabacher was a 21-year-old student at California State College at Long Beach, and he led a bunch of people to Santa Ana for a “demonstration of principles.” In this case, the principle was his opposition to social security.

So young Dana and Co. made a big show of burning their cards, because—in his view—social security was “a fraud” because “it cheats the young and it cheats the poor.”

Let’s say that first part together: According to Dana Rohrabacher, social security is …

“A fraud.”

“A fraud.”

“A fraud.”

Now, in 2018, let’s ask the voters of District 48 whether they agree with that stance.

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