Crazy Dana II: Even Crazier

Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 1.27.32 AM

So you might have noticed that I took a little time off from blogging about our inanely inept congressman, the dishonorable Dana Rohrabacher. Why? Because as is the case with the orange puddle, I needed a mental health break.

Today, that break ended. Thanks, Dana …

In case you missed this, Dana recently said that Islam will “motivate people to murder children,” much in the way he motivates white supremacists (and their enablers) to come out and vote for him every two years.

Here, take a look …

Now, if you’re someone who supports such words, you … eh, um, probably are unable to read these sentences without assistance. And if you’re someone who feels indifferent toward such words, please, please, please read up on the v-a-s-t majority of Muslims in the world, then also study the myriad atrocities assigned to other religions (including Judaism and Christianity).

That’s the thing about Dana Rohrabacher: He doesn’t work in facts. He doesn’t grasp (or try to grasp) history. He is, truly, the kooky congressman who others surely ignore in the hallway, or nod while stepped three steps backward.

He survives because, until next year, voters bought his craziness.

That will soon end.

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