Father of three; climate change ignoramus

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Ah, the good ol’ days. When I had a beard and nobody asked about the earth melting.

In case you somehow didn’t know this about Dana Rohrabacher, he does not believe humans impact the warming of the earth.

It’s a staggering position to take in 2017, especially when one has three children who, we hope, will live long and fruitful lives. Like, you’d at least think Rohrabacher would consider the work of the vast majority of the planet’s climate experts; would at least be open to the ideas of men far more informed on the subject than a low-level congressman.

Alas … no.

Somewhat recently a group of UC-Irvine professors wrote Rohrabacher a letter, asking if he would meet to discuss climate change. They didn’t suggest a debate, or a public flogging, or … anything more than a simple conversation. They were polite in their wording. They didn’t take any shots. They merely made a request and delivered it to his office.

And received … this.

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 5.43.26 PM

To be clear (and blunt), Dana Rohrabacher is not a sane man. Either that, or he’s not a decent man. I suppose both adjectives can apply. There’s a lack of decency and curiosity; a lack of open-mindedness and civility. You would think he would meet with the professors, just to do the right thing. But you’d also think he’d meet with constituents.

Alas …

1 thought on “Father of three; climate change ignoramus”

  1. Have you considered that he may be wicked or even outright evil? Think of all the sci fi movies where the villan wants to control some substance or weapon with which he plans to control or destroy the planet. What’s better than greenhouse gasses? A new frontier of natural resources will open to us when inhabitants of warmer regions are eliminated. And, we’ll set our sights on Mars in the meantime.


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