Dana Rohrabacher just lost 2018

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I never thought I’d type the headline to this blog entry so early in the yet-too-early-to-really-begin election cycle, but I’ll type it again: Dana Rohrabacher just lost 2018.

I’m sure no one missed this, but Rorabacher was one of 217 Republicans to vote to revise (aka: pretty much kill) the Affordable Care Act, thereby ultimately being a responsible party when, oh, hundreds of thousands of Americans with previously diagnosed conditions lose their coverage; when the affordable health care made possible by the Obama Administration goes away; when people who pay only casual attention to such issues are suddenly forced to pay heightened attention to such issues.

In short, Dana Rohrabacher voted for a bill he almost certainly has yet to read. Despite efforts from the California media, he has gone months without commenting on health care, or what would be seen in a bill, or which way he was leaning (pre-vote). Why? Because he has no spine and no accountability. None.

Were I a candidate in 2018, I’d make this a central issue to my campaign. I’d run on it and run on it and run on it and run on it. We never see Rohrabacher in these parts anymore. He seems focused far more on Russia than Southern California. But when he does impact our lives … it’s with this.

Today, Dana Rohrabacher voted for  tax cut for the wealthy and less health coverage for the majority.

It’s his noose.

PS: I tried calling both his offices repeatedly today. Busy signal over and over and over. I guarantee you he had his staff remove the phone from the hook. Coward.

1 thought on “Dana Rohrabacher just lost 2018”

  1. I think that Rohrabacher was representing just himself with his vote for AHCA. I know he got a lot of calls to oppose it, but I would like to know how many calls or letters he got saying he should support it. I doubt there were very many. Remember, the 48th (his district) voted in favor of Hillary. Also, he was just guessing on the AHCA’s impact because the Congressional Budget Office has not yet written their review. I hope he lives to regret this vote.


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