The lies of Dana

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 5.50.59 PM
Is this box where I put my dignity?

It’s been more than 24 hours since the House Republicans voted to kill your health coverage, which—one might think—would be followed by public appearances and statements.

I mean, this was a big deal. If you love what they did—it’s big. If you hate what they did—it’s big. The end result could be a complete shift in the way government operates. If nothing else, it’s a shift in the way health coverage operates.

So where is Dana Rohrabacher, our congressman, you supported the overhaul?

Um …

Eh …

Ah …

I don’t know.

He hasn’t uttered a word, save this Facebook message …

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 5.46.57 PM

Read what he wrote. Read it again. Between the words is a fabulous collection of bullshit. First, I’m 100 percent convinced he has yet to read the bill he voted upon. Second, how were “more and more Americans behind the eight ball” when a large majority of Americans wanted to maintain Obamacare? Third, Obamacare wasn’t imploding. And, of late, all the GOP has done is try and try and try to damage it. Fourth, show me how the new plan helps “ordinary working people.” Show me … one … friggin’ way. I defy one. Fifth … argh! I really can’t believe people vote for this tool bag.

I just can’t.

PS: Unrelated, but if you want a laugh … here’s Donald Trump’s biggest supporter, bashing Bill Clinton in 1998 for treasonous activities involving a foreign entity.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 5.42.26 PM

5 thoughts on “The lies of Dana”

  1. What a nut job! I’m convinced no one in HB voted for this moron! He must have struck a deal with Putin on the election, just like the rest of his cronies!


    1. I think many people voted for Crazy Dana in Huntington Beach. It’s one of the largest cities in his district, so how could he be re-elected without HB? If Dana is to be defeated, the Dems have to put forth a REALLY strong, well-known candidate who’s a Centrist. Not some unknown lightweight. Otherwise, more Dana. Get real folks!


  2. We need to start educating our neighbors so we can get this non-working, non-serving idiot out of office once and for all!


  3. I finally got through to his office yesterday and first asked when he was going to have a town hall meeting….um, well how about “not one planned” surprises there. I then asked how his constituents can know why the hell he voted yes on this terrible bill….nothing. He is worse than nothing and has to go come 2018.


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