We. Must. Register. Voters. Now.

Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 11.14.17 PM

I love this blog.

I love exposing Dana Rohrabacher.

I love expressing myself.

I love venting.

But what I really love—like, really, really, really love—is my family. I have two children, ages 10 and 13, and I am primarily motivated by the idea of Casey and Emmett possibly growing up in a world that is hateful, unhealthy and, ultimately, incapable of supporting human life. That’s why I’m here, and probably why you’re here. To put a stop to the madness of men like Rohrabacher, and Darrell Issa, and Mike Pence, and Donald Trump.

But here’s the thing: Thus far, in the aftermath of last November’s elections, it’s been a whole lot of jabber. Jabber from me, jabber from you. And now, it’s time for the next step; the necessary step to win back the House.

We need to register voters here in Orange County.

I’m not the one to take the lead, because it’s not my special area. But venting to one another does little if we don’t reach out, up the rolls, make sure the numbers exist to finally oust Dana and his motley gang of climate change-denying xenophobes. We must outreach. We must press the flesh. We must sell—not merely why the other is wrong, but why we’re right.

I know … I know—this stuff is said all the time. But we have momentum. We have the dangers of Trump. We have a wounded nutjob candidate. We have what we need.

Now, we must do it.

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