What does it say about Dana Rohrabacher?

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 8.40.45 AM
Wrong flag?

The New York Times is reporting that, in 2012, the FBI warned Dana Rohrabacher that Russian spies were trying to recruit him.

According to the piece, written by Matt Apuzzo, Adam Goldman and Mark Mazzetti, an agent told Rohrabacher that Russia saw him as a potential “agent of influence,” and that he was looked at “as someone who could be influenced.”

This, from the article:

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 8.36.12 AM

Now, to be clear—I do not believe Dana Rohrabacher works for Russia, or is being paid by Russia, or compensated by Russia. Is he an awful congressman? Yes. Does he make bewildering pro-Russia statements? Yes. Is he Donald Trump’s lapdog? Vladimir Putin’s lapdog? Yes.

Is he on the Russia payroll? No. Almost certainly not.

But—and this is an enormous but—what does it tell you (and us) that Russia views Dana Rohrabacher as someone who can be influenced and bought? What does it say about how the man is viewed? About his values? Even as he repeatedly says “I’m not Putin’s puppet,” Putin sees him as, well, his puppet.

It’s weird, warped, messed up. And, again, for the people of California’s 48th District, a far cry from what we elected Rohrabacher to do.

The man who can’t find time to hold local open meetings finds plenty of time for Russia.

That’s disconcerting.

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