Dana responds to a constituent who wants a town hall

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This is the letter Dana Rohrabacher sent a constituent who requested a town hall.

I need not say it—but the man is filled with doodie, and limited accountability. Oh, and he’s sort of a coward, no?

Here you go …
Dear Mr. Jones:

Thank you for contacting me requesting a “town hall” style meeting. I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your concerns.

Earlier in my congressional career, I would routinely conduct in-person town hall meetings. Unfortunately, over the years, such meetings became less and less useful as a means of communicating with my constituents about the issues of the day. It got to the point where those who came to ask sincere questions about my policy views were often overshadowed by protesters and those who sought only to shout at me for disagreeing with their worldview. In such an environment, in-person town hall meetings are not able to accomplish their purpose of fostering a respectful dialogue on the issues of the day.

As an alternative, I have scheduled many tele-town halls, in which I reach thousands of my constituents by telephone, and many more people are able to make comments for all to hear and to ask questions of me than was possible in my previous in-person format. In addition, I regularly schedule smaller, more intimate meetings with constituents who require assistance or wish to convey their policy preferences. Those meetings are by appointment and scheduled as the legislative calendar allows. I also write letters back to constituents who write or call my offices on policy matters.

I welcome your input on my performance as your Representative, and thank you for giving me the benefit of your views. Please continue to keep me informed on any federal issue of importance to you. 

1 thought on “Dana responds to a constituent who wants a town hall”

  1. All of that is BS! I’ve lived in HB 20 years and never have I or any of my neighbors been made aware of any town hall meetings! How. Hold we possibly get a “tele-town meeting” or in person meeting if he doesn’t answer his phone! I called his D.C. office a few days ago and the idiot working for him didn’t know if he was there or not, available or not, or if I could leave a message. The guy ended up taking a messsge but never asked my name, address, zip code, phone number!! Oh yes and dizzy Dana does have a template emsil response to any issue that states, “I love riding my bike along the beach in HB and enjoy everything it has to offer”. Any issue gets the same stupid response! Help me get a campaign going against him before the next vote comes around, PLEASE!!!


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