Constance Towers

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Constance Towers: Waiting for your phone call

So earlier today Bill McCarty, a resident of California’s 48th District, posted video on the Indivisible 48 Facebook page of a recent encounter he had with Dana Rohrabacher at something called the “world-record paddle-out event” in Huntington Beach. The congressman was posing for pictures along with a red, white and blue surfboard. McCarty decided to use the opportunity to speak up.

The dialogue:

McCarty: “Good morning, Congressman, I certainly hope you’ll have a public town hall and very soon.”

Rohrabacher: “We’ve had thousands of people already [inaubible].”

McCarty: “Well, we’d like to have one in public for sure.”

It should be noted that Rohrabacher was polite and courteous. Then, out of nowhere, a  woman steps forward and says, “OK, this is not the time.” 

McCarty: “Well, actually we can’t ever talk to him so …”

Woman: “Make an appointment. Here—here’s my card.”

She then hands McCarty a business card and notices he’s filming Rohrabacher with his phone. She wags her finger and adds, “And I don’t consent to being filmed.”

McCarty: “Well, that’s alright. You’re in the public anyway so it’s not really …”

Rohrabacher then finishes posing, faces McCarty and says, “Thanks for being courteous. Across the country the people that have been demanding them haven’t been courteous. Thank you for being courteous.”


Now, this is interesting.

The woman’s name is Constance Towers. She’s a relatively recent UC-Riverside grad who has worked as Rohrabacher’s district representative since the later months of 2015. Here’s a big chunk of her resume …

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 8.14.01 PM

I have no personal beef with Constance Towers. Hell, I don’t even have a political beef with Constance Towers. We don’t agree on issues. Hey, it happens.

What troubles me about the exchange is the nonsense “Call me to schedule an appointment” garbage. If we know one thing by now, it’s that Dana Rohrabacher doesn’t take appointments with people who disagree with his world view. He doesn’t meet with environmentalists, scientists, Democrats, liberals, Obamacare backers. He treats us (those who don’t share his beliefs) as lepers, to be kept at a far distance.

Towers knows this. I mean, damn, she’s out front. So don’t BS. Don’t deceive. Don’t say “Call us” when you know the call won’t result in anything fruitful.

Be real.

PS: Call her …

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