Dana Rohrabacher and the alt right

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 11.27.30 PM

The silence of Dana Rohrabacher is nothing new, and those who have tried to …

A. Have him return a phone call.

B. Have him return an e-mail.

C. Have him hold an in-person town hall.

… know his willingness to engage and interact equals Jared Goff’s willingness to complete two passes in a row (Ouch. Sorry Rams fans).

When dealing with those who share his lunatic views and/or are extending huge wads of money, Rohrabacher is the Energizer Bunny. Otherwise, however, he is your typical political coward; concerned more about the upcoming election than doing the right thing.

Which leads us to Charlottesville.

In the aftermath of the ugliness, and in the aftermath of the president of the United States all but standing up for Nazis, Klansmen and their sympathizers, Dana Rohrabacher has been (wait for it … wait for it …) absolutely silent. That’s right—not a word, not a peep. His Facebook page hasn’t been updated for days. His Twitter feed—nary a peep.

Why? Because, like Donald Trump, Dana Rohrabacher does not (under any circumstances) believe in calling out racist asshole pigs. Hell, let’s go back to

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