Dana’s silence on DACA

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 3.59.35 PM

Is there’s one thing we’ve learned about Dana Rohrabacher since the inauguration of Donald Trump, it’s that he’s terrified of Daddy.

Rohrabacher won’t criticize Donald Trump.

He won’t speak up on issues that are important to Donald Trump.

He certainly won’t oppose Donald Trump.

That means, when the president officially announces tomorrow that he plans on ending DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), Dana Rohrabacher won’t utter a peep. He won’t complain, he won’t gripe, he won’t rip, he won’t bemoan.

He’ll stay silent.

It’s fantastic.

Why “fantastic”? Because, with the exception of his beloved Huntington Beach-based skinheads and wanna-be Nazis, most everyone in Southern California has empathy and understanding for people who were brought here as children. I’m being serious about this—I know many Republicans, but I know (literally) zero Republicans who think we should deport people who arrived (with no say) as children; who have never actually lived in the nations they’ll be deported to.

It’s a mean, vicious thing the president is about the do, and Dana Rohrabacher will—100-percent guaranteed—sit back and grimace.

No words.

No anger.

Just grimace.

Well, that grimace is a poster. It’s a commercial.

It’s the stuff that loses elections.

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