Thoughts, prayers, Dana Rohrabacher

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 11.44.29 AM

I am not devoting today to thoughts and prayers.

I am not kneeling and thinking about the victims.

I am not kneeling and praying for the victims.

Fifty-eight victims have died.

They are gone.

Lost to time

Invisible to existence.

Today, kids have lost mothers.

Mothers have lost kids.

Brothers have lost brothers.

Grandchildren have lost grandparents.

Friends have lost friends.

Fiances have lost fiances.

There are children who, until last night, were destined to be born. Grandchildren. Generations of families, eternally wiped out before they could ever arrive, plant seeds and thrive.

I will not insult them by kneeling and praying and thinking.


Today, I will stare down our congressman, Mr. Dana Rohrabacher, who has repeatedly turned a blind eye to gun violence (while gladly taking NRA dough) and I will say, “What the fuck will it take?”

Have you not received enough NRA coin?

Is your A rating from the NRA not enough?

Was your vote to block gun registrations in Washington, D.C. not enough?

Was your vote to decrease the waiting period not enough?

Was Columbine not enough?

Was Sandy Hook not enough?


San Bernardino?

You insult me by offering thoughts and prayers. Thoughts and prayers do not stop weapons like the one used last night. Thoughts and prayers do not help society prevent future catastrophes.

Thoughts and prayers are your mental laziness … your political cowardice.

I know you will do nothing. So go think and pray.

Go think and pray.

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