I don’t feel great about Hans Keirstead

Earlier tonight I attended a meeting of the Laguna Beach Democratic Club. It was my first time at their gathering, and the scene was fantastic. Mostly filled seats, free snacks and an uplifting optimism in the error era of Donald Trump.

What had most of the attendees jazzed was a scheduled appearance from Hans Keitstead, considered by many to be the person who will offer the greatest challenge to Dana Rohrabacher in next year’s District 48 congressional race. Keitstead is a smart, successful, handsome scientist who is known to many as one of the world’s leading innovators in stem cell research. His bio is impressive; his individual wealth important. Even though there are nearly a dozen men and women running to snag Rohrabacher’s seat, the Democratic National Committee had already deemed Keitstead its brightest hope. That’s why they are putting a good chunk of money behind his candidacy—and none behind any of his opponents.

I digress.

Keitstead had to cancel a live showing tonight because he’s in Washington, D.C. So he Skyped in, apologized and spoke to the assembled folk for, oh, 20 minutes.

And he was bright.

And he was devoted.

And he was overflowing with conviction.

And he was …


… so boring and uninspired.

I know. I know. This sounds awful, and we need to support our own. But Hans Keitstead was making a first impression to most of us in the room, and it was dry as toast; dull as cardboard; flat as Velveeta. After introducing himself, he spoke at length about the value of health insurance, and told the inspiring story of someone who can now walk after being certain he never would. The tale was plenty fantastic, but (again, being honest) I kept thinking, “What the hell does this have to do with winning my vote?” I can’t speak for everyone, but a whole bunch of folks looked to be paying more attention to their phones than Keitstead. No good.

This is a big problem, because to overcome Rohrabacher (a man as cagey as he is nutso) one must come armed with more than an inspiring story and a smooth stump speech. Nope—he must arrive with a sword. A big sword. He must be willing to chop Rohrabacher to bits; to show (repeatedly) that our congressman is equal parts crazy and unaccomplished; batshit loco and callously indifferent. It sucks, but we won’t win this thing solely on the basis of better ideas. No, no, no. We need better ideas mixed with nonstop reminders that Rohrabacher belongs inside a straight jacket.

Hans Keitsetad struck me as polite and kind. Those are virtues I want in a friend, in a relative, in a representative. But, in a candidate in 2018, I need more.

Much more.

Right now, I’m not convinced he has it.

3 thoughts on “I don’t feel great about Hans Keirstead”

  1. I’m Team Harley all the way. I’m hopeful the party will see it soon. (BTW, Harley claims that the rumors the DCCC have given any candidates $$$ are greatly exaggerated. Don’t know what to think there.)


  2. Write him, make an appt…whatever & tell him that. You know politics & the people who can fix this. We have an empty suit with a sword as president. CA is clear on that not working & OC is changing.  He needs a political operative/press person. He does need to ramp it up but doesn’t need to be Ted Lieu (love him) I feel like that’s an easier change to make in a person, as opposed to trying to make a more assertive candidate, intelligent.  Still, I get it – There are several candidates Hans’ voting record, is weird (as is his excuse)Boring isn’t helpful… Thanks for what you do, will continue to read your posts (I’m undeclared as registered) as they really help to stay in the know.

    WordPress.com | CrazyDana posted: “Earlier tonight I attended a meeting of the Laguna Beach Democratic Club. It was my first time at their gathering, and the scene was fantastic. Mostly filled seats, free snacks and an uplifting optimism in the error era of Donald Trump.What had most o” | |


  3. OMAR IN THE HOUSE 100%. Omar is the guy! He has the federal connections, real experience in front of our different branches of government and bases his support on values. No one else has the government and private sector experience that Omar has. He is well versed in the specific issues and can stand up for the 48th district in front of Congress at an unprecedented level. WE NEED YOU NOW OMAR!!!


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