Dana Rohrabacher finally steps up

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In case you missed this, earlier today the Washington Post broke the story of Roy Moore, the Republican Senatorial candidate in Alabama, having a history with underage women.

A solid number of GOP officeholders spoke up, insisting that, if the charges are true, Moore should immediately withdraw from the race.

To my great shock, no man or woman spoke with greater ferocity and strength than Dana Rohrabacher.

First, our congressman Tweeted: “I am disgusted by Roy Moore. For the good of America, and out of decency, he most leave the race immediately.”

Then, on Facebook, he wrote this eloquent post: “If there is one thing I believe about America, it is that we must both respect and love one another. Roy Moore, the Republican in name only, clearly violates this 1,000 times over. When I think of him, I think of a man who has no business serving the public, or running for office. We are nothing without our honor, and Roy Moore has none.”

Next, he went on CNN, MSNBC and Fox News to bemoan Moore—and, again, demand his departure from electoral politics.

Bravo, Dana Rohrabacher!


Eh, I’m kidding.

He said shit.

But, on the bright side, two weeks ago he prepared Christmas stockings with some Brownies.

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