Down, then Up.

Chris Mihm 4

Tonight, I felt particularly dispirited.

The awful hashtag #releasethememo was trending on Twitter—a nod to Hannity and Rush and repeated efforts to delegitimize Robert Mueller’s work. Trump is still around 35 percent—which means his support hasn’t dwindled. The government will likely shut down. The reports of the president having an affair with a porn star seem to matter to no one.


And on.

And on.

And on.

I’ve had many low moments over the past year, but this hit me hard. I mean, fuck—what’s the point of all this if people no longer care about decency? About decorum? About genuine public service? If an unintellectual conman like Donald Trump can walk through our norms, what value are those norms.


But then … something hit me. Namely, this site. I started to make a difference locally. I think Dana Rohrabacher is a travesty. Not merely a poor excuse for a congressman, but a genuinely traitorous hack who has done little-to-nothing for the people he pretends to represent. He’s a spotlight-hogging absentee landlord. A shell of a shell. A lightweight unworthy of the title, “Congressman.”

And maybe, just maybe, is the best I can offer. See, if I can help (And you can help. And he can help. And she can help. And they can help) chip away at Rohrabacher; if this simple website, started by a sportswriter, can inform and alert people, then perhaps there’s importance. If we defeat Rohrabacher, we weaken Trump. We take out one of his enablers. In a way, it’s small potatoes. One man, one district. But stuff adds up. If Rohrabacher loses, and Darrel Issa’s seat goes blue, and a bunch of other seats go blue, we change the course. We right the sea.

We make a difference.

So I’m done being down. I’m done moaning and whining.

We have work to do.

We have a race to win.

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