Ice cream

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In case you haven’t noticed, Dana Rohrabacher is failing to notice that he’s in serious trouble.

Right now, his reputation is crap. Democrats loathe him. Republicans are confused by him. He’s best known as the man who (A) Refuses to meet with constituents; (B) Conspires with Russia; (C) Never criticizes his Grand Master, Donald Trump.

These are all fantastic.

Rohrabacher has become our best friend. No matter who the Democrats wind up running in the general election, that man or woman will square off against a diminished office holder who seems to be slipping—fast. Past political instincts are no longer sharp. Loyalty among GOPers has diminished. When he speaks, he seems crazed and off-balance. He takes pictures alongside white nationalists and doesn’t flinch. He hears some of Trump’s bonkers comments and refuses to correct and intervene.

So, truly, let him have his photo opps. Let him eat ice cream, cut ribbons, tie himself to Donald Trump every way possible.

It will not end well for him.

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