Coward of the county

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 5.30.49 PM

In the aftermath of yet another school shooting, you would think leaders would, well, lead.

Of course, you’d also think this in the aftermath of the previous school shooting.

And the previous school shooting.

And the previous school shooting.

Um … no.

Dana Rohrabacher is our congressman. He’s been our congressman for many moons. He also is the father of three children—all of whom attend (we presume) schools. I, too, have children who attend schools, and in the immediate wake of the Florida shooting, I kept imagining my own son and daughter lying on the floor, gunshots exploding around them. I thought about them living. I thought about them dying. I thought about receiving the news of my slain child, and how that would ruin me and my family forever.

I mean, when something is so raw and tangible, how do you not ponder such scenarios? How do you not feel it?

I bring this up because, as he is wont to do, Rohrabacher marked the Florida nightmare by issuing this statement …

Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 5.19.42 PM

It is, obviously, the verbiage of cowards; of a man unwilling to ever take a stand on anything of substance; of an absolute spineless and worthless piece of ocean crud, desperate to raise money, keep the far right happy, attend ribbon-cutting ceremonies and prolong his time in office.

In other words, it is vintage Dana Rohrabacher.

So what to do? Easy: We, as Democrats and independents, need to stay on target and keep focused. In recent weeks, there has been an increased level of sniping between Democratic candidate A and B, B and C, C and A. Whispering, rumors, gossip, innuendo. Did you hear what he said? Do you know what she really stands for? It’s some seriously ugly shit—and it does this effort little good.

See, the problem with politics is almost always ego. People begin their runs with good intentions. They like the idea of serving. They want to help their community. But, with money flow and speaking gigs and applause and “we need you” issuances, the id takes over. Suddenly, you have to be the person. You are the only one. You lose humility; you become defensive; you go on the attack.

Right now, that’s happening among Democrats, and it has to stop. Like, it really has to stop. This is about defeating Dana Rohrabacher, not about [FILL IN THE CANDIDATE] achieving personal glory.

More important, this is about changing the country.

This is about shifting back toward righteousness.

This is about courage.

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