The GOP will try and get Dana Rohrabacher out of the race

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 7.10.11 PM
Rick Gates of Hell

I’m venturing a guess here, but I’m increasingly convinced the Republican Party will urge/nudge Dana Rohrabacher out of the 2018 election.

It actually shouldn’t be too hard. Rohrabacher is no spring chicken. So he can say he’s tried. He can also say he wants to focus on his children. He can say he wants to surf, smoke joints, eat lots of pizza.

So many options.

But, if I’m the GOP, I don’t let him anywhere near this thing.

Why? Because what was once a Republican stronghold has changed with time, and the election would be a toughie were Dana Rohrabacher just your average incumbent. But he’s not. In case you missed today’s news, Dana was the congressman in the meeting with Rick Gates when he was doing  lobbying work for pro-Russian Ukrainian political figures. It’s yet another tie to Rohrabacher and Russia; an ugly link in a story that refuses to vanish.

So, I encourage to Republican Party to stick with Rohrabacher!

He’s the best!

He’s a winner!

But, ahem, they likely won’t.

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