Crazy Dana’s Official Endorsement: Shastina Sandman

Screen Shot 2018-03-06 at 10.57.35 PM

Many people (aka: no one) have been waiting for the official Crazy Dana 48th congressional district endorsement, and I am ready to announce it.

We are backing Shastina Sandman.

Now, one might ask, “Why, Crazy Dana, are you backing Shastina Sandman?” And that would be a fair question. Is it because Shastina Sandman is smart on foreign policy? Is it because Shastina Sandman understands the needs of the 48th? Is it because Shastina Sandman debates brilliantly? Is it because Shastina Sandman is big on climate change? On energy? On Russia?

Um, no.

We are backing Shastina Sandman because, at this moment, there are approximately 456,432 people running for Dana Rohrabacher’s seat, and Shastina Sandman is—hands down—the coolest name among them. And, really, what’s more important than a swell name?


Actually, I hate to make light of this, so I’ll get serious and say … stop. Stop filing to run. Stop adding to the confusion. Stop, stop, stop. By now, we know who the real candidates are. There are 17 people who signed up to run, and it’s just batshit crazy. Or, put different, the power of ego to believe you—and only you—should be the next congressman or woman is absolutely awful.

Hell, take Shastina. Upon deeper review, she’s a far-, far-right #maga parrot who pretty much says everything Dana Rohrabacher already does. Like Dana, she rambles on in videos nobody watches. Like Dana, she thinks we all need 17 guns. So, if you’re just like Dana, and Dana is in congress, why enter the race?

What’s the point?

It’s so weird.

And exhausting.

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