Game changer

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Just saw this on Twitter a few minutes ago.

It changes everything.

Scott Baugh is the Republican you don’t want to see in this race. Yes, he’s a far-right conservative with extreme views and a tendency to walk the Donald Trump line. But, unlike Dana Rohrabacher, he doesn’t come off as a stumbling, bumbling fool. He also doesn’t have the Russia anchor; doesn’t have the years upon years of congressional votes to run against.

He’s a beast. And he’ll run hard.

Here are my quick, pre-digestion thoughts:

• This puts Dana Rohrabacher is a really weird position. Suddenly, he’s being directly challenged by an A-lister from his own party. If I’m a Republican, and I have to choose between Baugh and Rohrabacher, I’m picking Baugh. Simply because he’s sane and somewhat reasonable.

• That said, as much as political junkies know Scott Baugh, your average voter doesn’t. He’s barely more familiar than Hans or Harley or Laura. He enters the field with a ton of money, but little recognition. I still think, in these races, name recognition alone is worth $10 million. Dana has that.

• This gives Hans a powerful tool. He can now say, “Look, the Democratic Party is supporting me. They’re putting their heft behind me. Let me run and take on the Republican(s). Let’s not ruin this by splitting the party vote and winding up with two Republicans in the general.”

• That’s the huge fear right now. The 100 Democrats in the race split the vote 100 ways, and we wind up with Baugh and Dana in the general. I don’t think that’s anything to be taken lightly. It REALLY can happen.

• This is a pretty riveting look at Baugh. Make no mistake, we are far better off facing Dana.

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