The Democrats are about to blow this—and I’m not exaggerating

Screen Shot 2018-03-08 at 12.50.34 AM

It’s time.

I didn’t think I’d be writing this blog post on March 8, 2018, yet I am. And it absolutely pains me. But the truth is the truth, and reality is reality.

So, I say again—it’s time.

With Republican Scott Baugh’s near-certain entrance into the race for the 48th District’s Congressional seat, the Democrats need to settle on a candidate—now. By official filing time. Friday at 5 pm. I’m not exaggerating about this.  I’m not hyping something up. I’m not blogging for attention. For clicks. For buzz.










Why? Because here’s the harsh reality: The Democrats need one of their own to qualify for the general election—when the two candidates (party affiliation be damned) with the most primary votes square off. Because we still live in a district that A. Is majority Republican; B. Draws far more Republicans to voting machines … the only shot for our party (truly, the only shot) is to have a singular Democrat. Otherwise, here is exactly what will happen (and if you don’t believe me, print this post and read it again come June): Hans, Harley, Omar, Laura, Michael, Rachel will split the party. Hans’ people will vote for Hans, Harley’s people will vote for Harley, Omar’s people will vote for Omar. On and on and on. They’ll say they’re doing so in the name of righteousness and democracy and decency and all that stuff.

And, come June primary day, the two men with the most votes will be Dana Rohrabacher and Scott Baugh. And all this will (poof) vanish.

I am telling you—it will happen.

So I am asking/begging Hans, Harley, Omar, Laura, Michael and Rachel to do something they don’t want to do: Figure this shit out. Meet up in a Denny’s one late Tuesday night, order some fries and burgers, set your differences aside and determine who is going to be THE Democrat in the race. I don’t care if you draw straws, thumb wrestle, box, dance, play Connect Four. Do whatever you need to, but refuse to leave until there is a singular candidate. One all of you will stand behind.

And, yeah, I know: You fucking hate this. I would, too. You’ve spent a ton of money, you’ve shook 10,000 hands, you’ve worked around the clock. You are convinced you’re the one who can topple Dana.

Well, that may be. But, truly, with multiple candidates splitting the vote no Democrat will qualify for the general. And all this work (not merely by you, but by supporters, backers, believers, strangers, donors) will be for nought.

So, pretty please, set aside ego and remember why we’re all here. You guys share 95 percent of the same beliefs and ideals with one another. You all stand for cleaner air, safer schools, fewer guns, fighting back against Donald Trump.

Do what we need to do in order to win.

Pick one.

It’s time.

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