It’s Scott Baugh time! (eh, no)

In case you missed this (and, based upon the 183 total views—you missed this), Scott Baugh has launched his first campaign ad.

And, well … it sucks.

I don’t mean that in any partisan way, to be clear. Were Harley or Hans or Omar to have introduced this as their advertisement, I’d be equally blunt in regard to its staggering suckiness.

The spot actually begins with one of the dumbest lines ever—”We need more from our representatives in Washington! We need Scott Baugh!” Why dumb? Because, yes, an argument can be made that we need change in Washington. That we need accountability in Washington. That we need strength in Washington. But do we need, literally, Scott Baugh? Like, are we screwed without him?

Truth be told, we don’t need anyone in particular. The graveyards are filled with irreplaceable men (that’s Charles de Gaulle, not Jeff Pearlman). But the political world seems to convince folks that they’re the one. It’s not about change. It’s about their ability to force change.

And it’s silliness.

What follows is a listing of Baugh’s generalized achievements, as music plays in the background and he’s shown walking around, making that concerned/I’m farting face he does quite well. Look, he’s with a family! Look, he’s strolling down a hallway with a young woman! Look, he’s outdoors.

There are three things I enjoyed most.

A. He’s doodling on a notepad. Clearly doodling. And, from afar, the page is only, oh, 1/4 filled. But zooming in, he’s suddenly got tons of notes. Why? Because he’s a busy man with busy plans! Scott Baugh, baby! Scott Baugh!

B. The desk is clear, except for a pair of Sharpies. Now, in my world as a sports writer, Sharpie’s are big when it comes to signing autographs. On baseballs. On footballs. But here, of course, Scott Baugh needs his red and black Sharpies to sign bills of great importance. Only, well, there are no bills of great importance. Because he’s not even a congressman. He’s an aspiring congressman. So maybe he just wants a Mike Trout autograph in two colors. Hard to say.

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 4.24.28 PM

C. Nothing is accidental in politics.

Truly, nothing.

And if you look closely. Scott Baugh is wearing a pullover from Pacifica Christian.

Screen Shot 2018-03-23 at 4.25.26 PM

Now, maybe Baugh’s kids go to Pacifica Christian. Maybe he was walking around the house, a few hours before ad shoot day, and it was chilly. Maybe. In all likelihood, however, this is subtle messaging. I’m one of you. I’m with you. They’re over there. But I’m with you.


One final thought.

The name not mentioned here: Dana Rohrabacher.

And that’s absolutely deliberate.

At this moment, the Republican Party is furious with Baugh, because he’s running against an incumbent of the same party. So, right now, what Baugh needs is to walk the very tricky path of getting on the general election ballot without pissing off members of his party.

So expect lots of “Change in Washington” and very little references to Dana.

Interesting stuff.


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