Can a man named Omar Siddiqui win the 48th?

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So yesterday morning this Facebook exchange took place between a voter and Luis Aleman, the campaign manager for Omar Siddiqui. It’s heated and rough and utterly fascinating. Here, take a gander …

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Now, I actually get Luis’ anger. Truly, I do. So much of life is bullshit, and so much of political life is extra bullshit. I mean, hell, we (the electorate) make some truly dumb and uninformed decisions based upon surface nonsense that matters nary an iota to how a man or woman will behave once in elected office. Just look at Dana Rohrabacher, a guy who has spent decades running on his credentials as a pot-smoking surfer dude. Does that identity impact his congressional behavior? Certainly not. But it somehow works, because people relate and, therefore, pull the lever and select Crazy D as their mouthpiece.

I digress.

As sucky and unfortunate as this is, the name “Omar Siddiqui” is a burden in California’s 48th congressional district—land of conservative whites who will need to be convinced to vote for a Democrat. Does that mean Omar isn’t qualified? Certainly not. Does that mean Omar shouldn’t have run? Certainly not. But does it make the above person “racist” (Luis’ words) for pointing out the difficulties Omar is having/will likely have based on name? Of course not.

Truth be told, Luis is doing what Luis feels a campaign manager needs to do. He is also, however, behaving (and ranting) like an infant. At this point, Omar Siddiqui can’t win this election. He just can’t. His debate performances have been largely forgettable, his campaign has been overshadowed by those of Hans and Harley and, to a degree, Laura Oatman (I say “to a degree” because Laura dropped out a few days ago). Hell, he doesn’t even live in the district. Were all things equal, no one would be calling for Omar to leave the race. But they’re not, and right now Democrats are running the risk of handing the general election to Scott Baugh and Dana Rohrabacher.

Again, I get the frustration. Really, I do.

But life is crap.

And politics are even crappier.

1 thought on “Can a man named Omar Siddiqui win the 48th?”

  1. Whatever the truth of Mr. Siddiqui’s chances may be, it’s never infantile to confront racism. Even that special kind of racism that comes from people who aren’t racist.


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