The end. Or the beginning

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 4.33.57 PM

Well, we’re just about here.

Tomorrow is the primary, where we—as Democrats, as independents, as sane inhabitants of California’s 48th congressional district—decide our collective fates.

As most everyone knows, two people will be selected to run in the general election. The two could both be Democrats, could both be Republicans, could both be independents. There could be one Dem and one Republican. Truly, the potential combinations are endless.

But, as we sit here, let’s be very real.

If I’m betting my life on a result, it’s that the two to emerge will be Republicans Dana Rohrabacher and Scott Baugh. I hate, hate, hate, hate the thought, but we Democrats needed discipline, integrity, intelligence, savvy to be certain one of ours wind up on the ballot. Too often over the past year (or so), we have failed to meet those measures.

However …

There is a realistic chance for a Democrat to oppose Rohrabacher. Honestly, there is.

And that Democrat is Harley Rouda.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Rouda has been a better candidate than Hans Keirstead. And that’s not knocking the other major Democrat in the race. Hans is an accomplished guy; probably a decent guy. I’ve got no beef whatsoever. But he … just … can’t … win … this … thing. The wind is against him. He’s neither charismatic or inspiring. He’s been a flawed candidate from the start, but the Party initially made the mistake of backing his run. That was a colossal blunder.

So—in what may well be (but hopefully is not) my final entry as—I beg of everyone to go to the polls tomorrow and vote Harley Rouda.

We don’t just need this for the district or the state.

We need this for the country.

We need the win.

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