Dana Rohrabacher and Holocaust deniers

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There are times when it’s OK to go negative on your opponent, and times when it’s not.

For example, if the person you’re running against has children who have battled addiction, it’s a big no-no. If the person you’re running against has a wife who used to go to therapy, also a no-no. We are all human, after all, and flaws and quirks and tough times hit everyone from time to time.

That said, if your opponent rolls with Nazi sympathizers and white supremacists, well … it’s on.

Enter: Dana Rohrabacher.

In case you somehow missed this, last year our congressman brought a Holocaust denier to meeting with Rand Paul. The thing’s name is Charles C. Johnson, and while he identifies—innocently—as a “journalist,” he is actually one who has argued that the number of Jews killed by Nazi Germany was closer to 250,000, not 6 million. In a since-deleted Reddit discussion, Johnson also argued that the Auschwitz gas chambers were not real. To quote Johnson: “Why were their swimming pools there if it was a death camp?”

This is Rohrabacher’s colleague and friend. And, truly, it comes as no surprise. I’ve witnessed Rohrabacher marching side by side in Huntington Beach with white supremacists. Knowingly. Apparently happily.

If I’m Harley Rouda, this isn’t just a talking point.

It’s an advertisement.

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