Dana Rohrabacher: Dumb, simple, naive

In case you missed the news, Dana Rohrabacher is dumb, simple and naive.

Yes, that’s the news. But I need to explain.

Last night Showtime debuted the new Sacha Baron-Cohen series, “Who is America?” It’s basically a continuation of “Borat,” with a significantly greater political twist. Famous for his myriad characters, Baron-Cohen travels the country disguised as this person and that person, trying to get people (often important people) to slip into accidental honesty. The end result seems to be quite funny, though I have v-e-r-y mixed and uneasy feelings about the level of duplicity that goes into these sorts of projects.

Wait. I digress.

The debut episode has Baron-Cohen disguised as Col. Erran Morad, a pro-gun Israeli anti-terror expert. And he comes to America to promote the idea of arming school children (as young as four) with semi-automatic rifles as a way of keeping bad guys away. And that sounds preposterous—until a conga line of Republicans and pro-gun sorts not only nod in agreement with “Morad,” but do filmed promotional spots. Among the duped are Trent Lott, Joe Wilson and … and … and …

Dana Rohrabacher.

Yes, our Dana Rohrabacher.

His quote: “Maybe having young people trained and understand how defend themselves in their school might actually make us safer here.”

Yes, our congressman believes arming 4-year olds could be a wise move.

Quickly, let’s count the things that are wrong here …

• 1. As I just noted, our congressman believes arming 4-year olds could be a wise move.

• 2. Our congressman agreed to say so on TV.

• 3. Our congressman was easily duped.

• 4. If our congressman is easily duped by something like this, what else does he fall for?

Jesus, it’s preposterous.

Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 1.55.43 AM

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