We should beat Dana Rohrabacher

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Something hit me today. Hit me hard.

We should beat Dana Rohrabacher.

That doesn’t sound overly profound, and I suppose it isn’t. But for all the talk of Rohrabacher as this candidate with money, as this candidate in a Republican stronghold, as this savvy incumbent—well, he’s utterly preposterous in pretty much every way.

Set aside the Hawaiian shirts, the marijuana, the sloppiness, the awkwardness. Like, let’s not even delve into that.

For all the years he’s served in congress, Dana Rohrabacher has sponsored four bills that have passed. Not four bills this year. Not four bills this decade. Four bills—ever. Think about that. He was first elected to the House in 1989—nearly THIRTY YEARS ago. And over those three decades, he’s accomplished so staggeringly little even Republican supporters have a hard time arguing on his behalf. They’ll note his “conservative principles” and “willingness to stand by the president.” But ask that for accomplishments, and here’s the face you get …


In and of itself, that’s a tremendous issue for Harley Rouda to hammer. But it gets a million times stranger. It turns out Dana Rohrabacher is, bluntly and plainly, a Russian friend, supporter and enabler. That’s no hyperbole. A former Ronald Reagan speech writer, Rohrabacher now goes to bat for Vladimir Putin ever chance he gets.

The latest example: A few days ago, after Maria Butina was exposed as a Russian spy who traded sex for political gain and influence, Rohrabacher stepped up to call the charges “bogus.”

Yes, bogus.

So what if the Department of Justice is certain? So what if Butina has no credibility? Dana Rohrabacher will not be denied his chance to defend his country.

It’s insanity.

Only it’s not insanity.

It’s Rohrabacher.

This is our election to have. Yes, far-right zombies will back Rohrabacher. Because, well, they’re far-right zombies.

But he’s an awful candidate.

2 thoughts on “We should beat Dana Rohrabacher”

  1. For those that say they like Rohrabacher because he hasn’t passed many laws, he has sponsored over 300 but he can’t enough support to pass them.


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