Please support Dana—we’ll pay you

Josh: Cut him a break. It’s a living.

So a friend brought this to my attention earlier this evening. Joshua Recalde-Martinez is a California Republican Party field representative. This was posted on Facebook …

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 9.30.41 PM

In case you don’t get it, Joshua—an Arizona State student who spent a couple of years at Orange Coast College—is offering people money to support Dana Rohrabacher. And not just money, but $16 an hour. Pretty good money. All they need to do is walk around Orange County, knocking on doors and pretending they like a congressman they either:

• Actually like (unlikely)

• Actually dislike (more likely)

• Have never heard of (most likely)

I don’t blame Joshua. I mean that—I don’t. He’s young, he’s inexperienced, he’s surely doing what he’s told. Hell, sight unseen I’d vote for Joshua Recalde-Martinez over Dana Rohrabacher, based solely on his hyphenated last name and the fact that he almost certainly has some pretty terrific partying stories from his time as a Sun Devil (ASU is a killer school for those sorts of things).

That said, what does it say that the GOP is depending on paying people off to stump for a stump? To bark for a dog? To hype all hype?

You can answer that one without me.

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