The Laguna Niguel city council and why we need to step up

This is the city council for my hometown of Laguna Niguel.

The image should terrify you.

Now, to be clear, I have no beef with the five people photographed above. There’s little glory in serving on a city council; minimal fame and even fewer perks. It’s hard, it’s long, it’s meeting-stuffed and it’s exasperating. So, again, I cannot begrudge or bemoan fellow citizens who step up on behalf of the community. In fact, I applaud them and thank them.

However, I will re-state my point: The image should terrify you.

All five people who serve on the council are Republicans. And, I’m quite certain, they’re not liberal Republicans. These are men and women who arrive with certain belief systems installed by lifetimes of orthodoxy. They start every meeting with a Christian-led prayer, because Christ will guide the way. They talk water, but never in terms of the drought, and how screwed we are. They’re hyper-obsessed with local crime, even though we have little-to-no local crime. They are as progressive as sticks; as open to new thinking as tables. They will all vote for Dana Rohrabacher in the upcoming election, even though the councilman says people should not be forced to sell their home to a gay couple if it violates a belief system.

And here’s the thing: They deserve to be on the council. They ran, they did the door-to-door thing, they fought.

Now, we need to, too.

When the November elections come and go, we’ll wonder what went wrong and what went right. What we’ll overlook, regrettably, are opportunities to start filling smaller gigs with progressives. Because that, ultimately, is where it all begins. Things don’t trickle down in politics. They trickle up.

So, come 2019 … 2020 … 2021 … 2022—fill the gaps.

Find an office, and run.

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