Less than two weeks

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We have less than two weeks.

Less than two weeks until we know whether our fellow Californians are going to continue rolling with an ineffective, incurious, look-I-surf-so-I-must-be-cool congressman who has proposed four (or is it three?) bills over 30 years.

Less than two weeks until we decide—as a community—whether climate change is finally urgent enough that we no longer want a denier calling the shots on our oceans and beaches and air and water.

Less than two weeks until—at long last—we stop embarrassing ourselves with this clown of a man. With this buffoon. With this dolt, who shuffles from here to there spouting bullshit about bullshit. With this bozo who needed to bring talking points to a debate. With this piece of trash who only meets with constituents when it’s comfortable for him to do so. With this nincompoop who—if they’re being honest—even fellow Republicans consider a joke.

We have less than two weeks.

I’ve dedicated this blog to overthrowing Dana Rohrabacher. Not violently, but by making clear who he is and what he stands for and why he’s a legitimately awful congressman.

If you do anything over the next 12 days, make it this: Tell friends, tell family members, tell neighbors and co-workers that this isn’t about R or D or left or right.

This is about a representative who should not longer represent.

Let’s do it.


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