Deborah Townes and Laguna Niguel

So tonight I took a short drive over to Chela’s on Alicia Parkway, where a Laguna Niguel city council candidate named Deborah Townes was hosting a meet-up.

The scene spoke to everything that’s tough about local elections: A long table, eight or nine people, a football game on in the background, music playing from some speakers. Had I not seen this announcement via Facebook …

Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 10.57.05 AM

… there’s no way I know a candidate for local office was there. Again, that’s the difficulty of a town election. Little buzz, tiny name recognition.

Anyhow, I arrived with my son, and we had a chance to talk with Deborah, who is engaging and friendly and trying her best to win what is (if we’re being honest (and I always try and be honest here)) an uphill climb. She’s running against a woman named Sandy Rains, who is equally gregarious and chipper but—unlike Deborah—a conservative Republican in a town that still leans heavy GOP.  It’s one of those elections where the underdog could win, but it’d take some extra oomph.

So why will I vote Deborah? Honestly, my biggest reason is this: I respect our city council, and I respect all the members who take the time to serve. It’s a local position, and local positions are more about specific regional stances and positions than right v. left. That said, when I see this photo of Sandy and her husband alongside Dana Rohrabacher …

Screen Shot 2018-10-26 at 12.00.17 AM

… I have to question her judgment. She’s a big booster of Rohrabacher, and a supporter of Donald Trump, too. And it’s nothing personal. Truly, it’s not. But I just can’t imagine aligning myself with a man (Rohrabacher) who has appeared alongside skinheads and neo-Nazis; a man who sides with Russia over our own intelligence agencies; a man who believes climate change to be a hoax.

So watch the above interview and decide for yourself.

And whether you support Deborah Townes or you support Sandy Rains, do the right thing.

And vote.

1 thought on “Deborah Townes and Laguna Niguel”

  1. If you want people to make an informed decision and decide for themselves, can you please post an interview with Sandy Rains? Otherwise, this is clearly biased.


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