The lamest endorsement ever

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 11.36.30 PM

In case you missed it, the Orange County Register endorsed Dana Rohrabacher a few days ago.

The editorial is truly remarkable. Here’s the link.

Wait. Remarkable? How so? Well, for the first time since, perhaps, 1991, when multiple conservative Louisiana newspapers endorsed Democrat Edwin Edwards over Klansman David Duke for the state’s governorship, a major publication (admittedly, a stretch adjective for the Register in 2018) has thrown its support behind a candidate—without actually offering much of a reason.

Seriously, read the piece. The Register admits Rohrabacher is far too cozy with Russia. The Register admits Rohrabacher says stupid things. The Register admits Rohrabacher has abandoned his roots. The Register admits Rohrabacher often supports shitty policies. The Register admits Rohrabacher doesn’t pay much attention to his constituents.

But, hey, we had a meeting with Harley Rouda, and he wasn’t that impressive.

Seriously, I understand a conservative newspaper not backing the Democrat.

But at least try and make the guy you’re pulling for sound OK.

At least try.

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