Dana Rohrabacher won’t concede

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 9.42.35 PM
Roy Moore: Crazier than Dana. But not by much.

So this race is far from over, and while Harley Rouda is up nearly 5,000 votes on Dana Rohrabacher, we’ll likely have to wait and wait and wait and wait for the final results. Don’t be surprised if the official total isn’t announced before Dec. 1.

Here, however, is one thing I can promise: Rohrabacher won’t merely concede and walk away.

It’s not what he does. What he has ever done. He views the 48th as his congressional seat. He’s owned it for three decades, and he sure as hell isn’t just going to hand it over to some happy-happy-happy Trump-bashing liberal Democrat from Ohio. So, even after the official tally is in, prepare for feistiness and stubbornness and dickishness.

Expect Dana Rohrabacher to refuse to cry uncle. It’s who he is.

That said—here’s the good news. Even people who voted for Rohrabacher grasp he’s slightly-to-significantly-to-irrefutably insane. They back him because he’s a Republican, and he’s conservative, and he’s pro-life and anti-science and a libertarian who once wrote speeches for Ronald Reagan. But, ultimately, very few who live within our boundaries believe Dana Rohrabacher to be of sound mind. I know these people. They’re not bad folks. They acknowledge the truth.

So, when we know (with certainty) that Harley is the victor, expect Dana’s backers to fade away, much as Roy Moore’s backers faded away.

It will be interesting.

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