Dana Rohrabacher has a choice

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So I’ve now been told that Dana Rohrabacher wants a recount. This is hardly a surprise, but—for the congressman—it’s a horrendous idea.

So here’s my free advice …

Congressman, don’t do this. You lost. It happens. People lose. For 30 years, you’ve served in the congress. Political leanings be damned, that’s an amazing run, and you should be proud. You have a legacy in conservative circles, and it’s one of survival, of longevity, of working for your president’s agenda. Seriously, you will be thought of well in Orange County GOP circles, whereas most former politicians are rarely thought of at all.

That said … ever see Willie Mays play for the Mets, stumbling around the outfield well past his prime?

Ever see Marlon Brando in his final roles, fat and indifferent?

Ever see a Roy Jones in his last few fights? A once-great champion getting humiliated?

Well, don’t do that.

In your final days as a congressman, be graceful, be grateful, be humble. Invite Harley Rouda to lunch, talk issues, hope he hears your concerns. Thank your constituents for their votes. Praise your community. Hug your wife and kids. Become an elder statesman for Orange County. Stump for future Republican candidates. Speak at library openings. Surf. Smoke pot. Do what you’ve long wanted to do.

But don’t wrap your career stumbling around the outfield, chasing fly balls you can no longer catch.

Don’t be that guy.

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