Welcome to Crazy Dana


Welcome to the place that will provide much of what you need to know about Dana Rohrabacher, congressman representing California’s 48th district.

Although the congressman seems quite unwilling to meet with constituents, we hold out hope that he might be inspired by this site. Which is surely a long shot, because ever since Donald Trump’s elevation to the presidency Rohrabacher has been hiding, dodging, ducking, cowering. Which—to be clear—does not make him an evil human being. It just makes him a crappy, sad, pathetic representative whose ideas date back to the 1920s and who shows little-to-no interest in the environment, in the poor, in infrastructure, in compassion.

Oh, and it makes him a coward.

Let’s force the issue.

Here are the numbers to his two offices:
+1 202-225-2415 (DC Office)
+1 (714) 960-6483 (OC Office)

Call. Ask for a meeting. Be polite and persistent. Make clear you’re not looking to embarrass or even ridicule the man, but to express yourself.